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The Keep Battlemap Pack

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The thick stone walls of this keep have stood proudly against all attackers for generations. But they offer precious little protection against attack from within...

Our Battlemap Packs give you the materials you need to set up your VTT scene how you like. This pack is fully RPG system and VTT platform compatible, just upload the files and play.

This pack includes:

  • 2 4k resolution static maps: 'The Keep' and 'The Dark Keep' variant map in .jpg format
  • 4k resolution animated map: 'The Keep' in .webm and .mp4 format
  • 4k resolution animated map: 'The Dark Keep' variant map .webm format and .mp4 format
  • Music track: ['Lost Mysteries'][10'08''][mp3]
  • Music track - Battle variant: ['Resolution'][9'59''][mp3]
  • 2 original ambient sound effect tracks

An animated gif clip of the dark variant map of The Keep.

Happy adventuring!

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2 static maps: 'The Keep' and 'Dark Keep'[jpg], Animated map: 'The Keep'[mp4], Animated map: 'The Keep'[webm], Animated map: 'The Dark Keep' variant[mp4], Animated map: 'The Dark Keep' variant[webm], BGM track: 'Lost Mysteries'[mp3], BGM Battle track: 'Resolution'[mp3]

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The Keep Battlemap Pack

0 ratings
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