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The Volcanic Mines Battlemap Pack

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Deep below the earth, The Volcanic Mine holds a great treasure for those brave enough to seek it - and those clever enough to make their escape. For it is home to a fearsome foe.

You may be able to traverse through the mine… but will you make it back out alive?

Our Battlemap Packs give you the materials you need to set up your VTT scene how you like.


- 2 High Resolution Animated Battlemaps: The Volcanic Mine maps are in 4k+ resolution and rendered in 3D software for a realistic feel. Travel between the connected maps to vary your adventure.

- 2 High Resolution static Battlemaps in jpg format.

- 3 Animated Tiles and 1 Animated Token including a Collapsing Bridge, Falling Pillar and Rotating Gem, guarded by the fearsome Rock Golem.

- 7 Original Sound Effects to immerse your players in the scene. These include: 

  • Ambient sound effects of The Mines, Waterfall and Bubbling Lava
  • Sound affects aligned to animated tiles including the Bridge Collapse and Pillar Fall
  • Two sound effects for the Rock Golem - Awakening and Attack

- 2 Original Music Tracks to bring your story to life: 'Labour and Pride’' [10'10''] and the epic Battle variant, 'Steel on Stone’' [9'39’'].

Happy adventuring!

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2 static maps[jpg], 2 animated maps[webm], 1 animated token: the rock golem[webm], 3 animated tiles[webm]: the breaking bridge, falling pillar and floating gem , 7 sound effect tracks[mp3]: mines-atmosphere, mines-waterfall, mines-lava, mines-sfx-bridge, mines-sfx-pillar, mines-sfx-golem-attacks, mines-sfx-golem-awakens, BGM track: 'Labour and Pride'[mp3], BGM Battle track: 'Steel on Stone'[mp3]

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The Volcanic Mines Battlemap Pack

0 ratings
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